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I am a seeker of meaning, truth, and the Divine. I have been a practicing polytheist since 1997 and a lover of philosophy and theology since even before then. Most of this time I have been a Germanic Heathen, but I have also slowly taken to the practice of Gaelic Reconstructionist Polytheism. I am happily married, a hobbyist musician, a poet, pyrographer, sports fan, and pretty darn good cook. This blog will contain poems, rants, and musings relevant to my ever winding spiritual journey.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Njordhr says "hi"

Over a week ago I had an intense dream(vision more like) in which Carrie and I were staying up by either Lake Eerie or by the East Coast, not sure which. It was raining quite heavily but I felt unnaturally moved to go to the beach. I drove to the beach and got out of the car and walked on the beach. Njordhr arose the waters, mighty and gigantic. He was golden tan, deep blue eyes, wavy light brown hair, and longish but neat and styled beard. He was wearing a white toga-like cloth and some sort of brown beads around his wrists and neck(odd thought, but, meditation beads?). The feeling of might, presence, wisdom, and kindness was overwhelming. He spoke and said that he wanted to help me, but that my offerings should ideally not be of food. He didn't explain, but that was really enough. Since then I've been contemplating possible poetic inspiration, wood-burnings, stallis, and what-not. I have begun this new friendship by putting together a seashell bracelet with gold nautical charms as a reminder of Njordhr and of his extension of help and friendship to me. It will be interesting to see where this goes. I see a trip up to the lake in my future.