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I am a seeker of meaning, truth, and the Divine. I have been a practicing polytheist since 1997 and a lover of philosophy and theology since even before then. Most of this time I have been a Germanic Heathen, but I have also slowly taken to the practice of Gaelic Reconstructionist Polytheism. I am happily married, a hobbyist musician, a poet, pyrographer, sports fan, and pretty darn good cook. This blog will contain poems, rants, and musings relevant to my ever winding spiritual journey.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Njordhr says Hi...again.

So I had a dream a couple nights ago in which Njordhr was present.  There was a lush, green valley surrounded by a mountainous terrain.  Near the top of the tallest mountain was a landing with a cave in which a waterfall was rushing over.  I was on this landing looking into the cave.  Behind the waterfall at the opening of the cave stood Njordhr, dressed in white linen pants and a white tunic and he was holding a glowing golden sphere.  In the dream it felt like it was a beckoning, like all the old tales where journeymen find treasure behind waterfalls.  Njordhr seemed very peaceful but stoic.  Still trying to wrap my head around it and if it even means anything or just my mind having a bit of fun.

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